The Lion’s Roar

The Lion’s Roar – October 2020

It’s a jungle out there. Or at least that’s strangely how it can feel these days with curfews and restrictions being put in place and amended regularly. For now, it appears that we are all in tiers, or should that be tears…

Jokes and puns aside (briefly anyway), we wanted to give you an idea about how these recent changes have impacted your local White Lion. Well, we have to have the pub closed and locked by 10pm each night so as a result last orders is now at 9.30pm. A little earlier than we’d all like but better than some alternatives. We are now doing beers to takeaway, so if you fancy a night cap when you get home we can accommodate with your favourite pint or bottle of wine.

Service at the pub is a little different than we are all used to as well. It’s now table service only when visiting the pub. Thankfully this is something we have been doing since reopening in July via our excellent QR ordering system. In addition to this now, our lovely staff can offer you table service inside the pub as well.

There are two other things to consider when visiting us. Firstly, you will need to wear a mask or face covering when entering and moving around the pub and secondly you will need to check in for track and trace when visiting us. This is very easily done through the NHS Covid app, scan the QR code and you’re done.

All of these changes have been forced upon us and are now law. We didn’t choose them and some of them we are highly against, however, rather than spend this blog complaining or arguing against the science or politics of the situation I would rather just focus on the reality and, by doing so, hopefully ease your mind about visiting the pub.

We publicans are very skilled in managing change and putting our customers first. With that in mind a visit to the pub can still be the relaxing home from home that we have all grown to love.  

We won’t let Covid shut the doors on this pub but we do need your business and support to keep us going. We’ll do our bit if you do yours. And please, if there’s something you’d like us to do let us know.

Stay safe x

Visiting the White Lion.

Upon visiting the White Lion there are a few changes in place and a few things to remember to make your visit more relaxing.

  • Our entrance and exit is now via our back-gate which is located on Albert Street opposite the Garibaldi.
  • On arrival please wait to be seated by a member of staff. There will be a QR code on the front table you’ll need to scan and enter your details for track & trace.
  • Once shown to your table you’ll have to remain seated unless its to collect drinks or for a toilet break.
  • There is a QR code on each table. (iPhone users, open camera app and put phone over the QR code and a safari link will appear for you to click, Android users, you’ll need to download a QR code reader app)
  • Once you have done the above, you’ll be able to order and pay from your seat.
  • Once drinks are made, they will be taken to our collection point for you to collect. This point is also where we ask you to take all empty glasses to when you collect your drinks.
  • We will be running a reduced menu as we can only have 1 person in the kitchen and this  may cause slightly longer wait times during busy periods.
  • Toilets are available to use with no more than 2 people at any one time.
  • Children are allowed but have to remain seated also.
  • Dogs as always welcome but have to remain on a lead.

Covid-19 Blog

Hi all.

I wanted to give you an update about what’s been going on at the Lion during the Coronavirus crisis and lockdown. It initially took a little time to get used to the pub being closed and the quietness this created in what is usually such a vibrant place. Once the dust had settled (literally) I took to getting some odd jobs around the pub that usually are difficult to do when trading. Throw in some home-schooling of Henry and the days have been surprisingly filled.

My attention has now turned to what the future may look like for the White Lion when we reopen. There’s a lot to consider; implementing social distancing rules in a social environment, delivering events, which pre lockdown had become part of our culture; ensuring staff and customer safety as well as enjoyment. With these and more factors in mind myself and the management team are putting together a strategy to ensure an enjoyable and safe experience can be had once we are able to reopen.

We are embracing the closure as a chance to reflect and develop the pub into something even better than before. Something that will be comfortable and easy for us all after the crisis has passed. We are looking forward to the new normal and won’t get bogged down in thinking how things used to be. We have to move forward, and we want to do that with you our customers and provide a great space to have fun and socialise, even if it’s from a distance…